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An RPC Framework is on its way!

Monday, January 19th, 2009

I have started working on an RPC* Framework for PHP5, 6 months ago and been developing it in my spare times. In fact, although I haven’t published it, I had tested first beta version of it about 3 months ago on a web site and it amazingly worked well!

Since then I haven’t been able to continue working on it due to my business in other areas.

Nowadays, I have started looking at it again and would like to underline that it is going to be ready soon.
The basic idea is to provide a flexible framework that enables the web developers to call server sided and parameterized PHP5 procedures and retrieve the result of these to the client side. Moreover, all these tasks will be done asynchronously.

It will be open source and hopefully will be developed in a community. (The only member in the community is me at the moment, though.) Although it looks relatively simple, there are many things to deal with.

Once it is done, a project page will be created and announced here. Moreover, I am also intending to demonstrate it at Bilkent University; it could be an open workshop. I will announce the date/location info. for that if I can organize.

* RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call