My name is Ali H. Çevik and I am an undergraduate student at Computer Science in Bilkent University, Ankara.

I have been interested in programming for last 8 years and worked on various projects.

One of them was Nephtia Ultima Online Server [2004 – 2007], in parthership with Radore Telekom. I was the developer of the game server and during 3 years, Nephtia had totally more than 50.000 registered users.

As collobarative systems group, we have started to a develop a quality module for Moodle and my current role is to implement and develop it. Currently the module is being used at some of the courses given to first year CS students.

As a personal project, I have been developing a JSON-RPC framework for PHP, however, it is still under construction and lost its priority due to my timing problems.  However, I am intending to share my knowledge about JSON-RPC in this blog.

I am also doing some freelance jobs at the moment.

Contact Info : cevik.ali@gmail.com or a_cevik@ug.bilkent.edu.tr

MSN Messenger: ali@nephtia.com

Facebook: Ali Çevik

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